Partnership with the Celsius Recovery DAO

Asset Gift has partnered with the Celsius Recovery DAO to provide a zero-fee Ethereum crowdfunding campaign

<!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><small> Want to help the Celsius Recovery DAO? <a href='' target=_blank>Send them ETH</a> with Asset Gift</small><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>We are always looking for people and communities that can benefit from our product. The ability for anyone to crowdfund crypto from credit cards is a robust use case that extends beyond just special events and we strongly believe that deserves exploration. In our search, we have found a community that is doing pivotal work that needs funding to operate.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="celsius-bankruptcy">Celsius Bankruptcy</h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>On July 13, 2022, the crypto lending provider Celsius <a href="">filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy</a>. During this process, thousands of users could not withdraw funds from their platform. From afar, we saw that people of all age ranges had put their trust in Celsius and were now in a state of shock. Life savings, retirements, and tuition funds were all part of the collateral damage of Celsius. What was even worse was that users all over the world had no idea what to do next. What does bankruptcy even mean?</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="internetjohnny-takes-action">InternetJohnny Takes Action</h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>A true leader has the instinct to see when they need to step up to the plate. Reddit user InternetJohnny saw the mass confusion across various crypto subreddits and started by creating the <a href=""><strong>Celsius Recovery DAO Discord</strong></a><strong>. </strong>Instead of sitting idly by, they took the initiative and saw that those harmed by Celsius would be better served by working together. The server quickly grew to 1000s of members and became a gathering point not only for emotional support but for real legal and discussion.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>The Celsius Recovery DAO organizes meetings with lawyers for advice, presents itself as an organized group to the actual bankruptcy judges, and provides a helping hand to those that are not comfortable with all the legalese. They offer guides to filing claims and are even building automated integrations to simplify the paperwork of the bankruptcy process.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p><br>At Asset Gift, we support organized communities working to tackle what would typically require an army of lawyers. We watched the Celsius Recovery DAO's work and wanted to help.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="asset-gifts-partnership-with-the-dao">Asset Gift's Partnership with the DAO</h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Running the DAO doesn't come without costs, and while InternetJohnny insists on keeping things lean, it isn't fair for him or any member to pay bills on top of the time they already give to their users.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Asset Gift has partnered with the Celsius Recovery DAO to provide <a href=""><strong>a zero-fee Ethereum crowdfunding campaign</strong></a> that allows anyone with a credit card to give ETH to the DAO. This ETH will pay software fees for integration and ensure that the DAO can continue getting the best possible legal advice. The work they are doing gives some agency back to the people that were affected by Celsius.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Asset Gift earns zero revenue from these transactions.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>We have also implemented transparent gift amounts specifically for this campaign based on the request of InternetJohnny. He has stated that he is only interested in covering operations costs.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="empower-your-community-with-asset-gift">Empower YOUR Community with Asset Gift</h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>The story of us meeting the Celsius Recovery DAO was very organic, but it opened our eyes to the possibilities of our platform. We want to be a part of empowering high-quality online communities - allowing them to be self-sustaining. If you run an online community that needs to crowdfund crypto, contact us on <a href=";origin=RICH_QUERY_SUGGESTION&amp;position=0&amp;searchId=4587c4d0-67a4-4194-bb6a-1b7b20e9ad85&amp;sid=L(Z">LinkedIn</a>.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>We are happy to engage and discuss how you can also collect zero-fee donations.</p>
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