Father's Day: Buy the dip for Dad?

Finding the perfect gift father's day can be incredibly challenging. Show him that you went to great lengths to find a unique gift idea - crypto!

<p>In many parts of the world, today (June 19th) is Father's Day! Asset Gift would like to send a warm, happy Father's Day to all the fathers and father figures. Our company would be nowhere without the inspiration we took from our dads. They deserve the love!</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Finding the perfect gift for dad on father's day can be incredibly challenging. With Asset Gift, you can show him that you went to great lengths to find a unique gift idea!</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Additionally, with Bitcoin and broader crypto prices significantly down, a Father's day Asset Gift today will get your dad more coins than last year! Here is how you can buy the dip for dad:</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="1-navigate-to-our-send-a-gift-page">1. Navigate to our Send a Gift Page</h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>At Asset Gift, we have built a short gifting flow that does not require you to create an account or perform identity checks.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html-->Check it out here: <a href="https://asset.gift/gifts/payment/guest" target="_blank">Send a Crypto Gift.</a><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="2-enter-your-gift-details">2. Enter your Gift Details</h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>On this page, you select the coin, choose the gift amount, personalize your gift note and enter your father's email address.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><a href="https://imgur.com/maH7vxH"><img src="https://imgur.com/maH7vxH.png" title="source: imgur.com" /></a><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Of course, be sure to double-check the information you enter here. In particular, your dad's email because we will send a secure link for them to accept their gift. Once you are satisfied, proceed to the next page.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="3-enter-your-card-information-and-email">3. Enter your card information and email</h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Asset Gift uses your credit/debit as a way to make crypto gifting more accessible to anyone, even if you don't own any crypto!</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>We process cards in a fully PCI-DSS-compliant way. Asset Gift does not store any of your payment data; we transmit all payment information via two AES 128-bit symmetric encryption levels.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>So rest assured that your data is safe.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="4-verify-your-email-address">4. Verify Your Email Address</h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>We then send a code to confirm your email address. We do this to ensure that we have an email to contact if any relevant information we need to communicate.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><a href="https://imgur.com/4KzeV4H"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/4KzeV4H.png" title="source: imgur.com" /></a><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Please be aware that this email is sent to the email your enter on the payment page, which should be your email address (not the receiver's).</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="5-review-and-submit-your-gift">5. Review and Submit your Gift!</h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>You are at the final step! </p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><a href="https://imgur.com/GTrqtKi"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/GTrqtKi.png" title="source: imgur.com" /></a><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Now you need to double-check that your father's email is correct and that you are ok with the amount we will charge to your card.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Asset Gift supports sending gifts from multiple currencies but will always charge a US dollar amount to your card. Don't worry; we are not doing any currency conversions. What you see here is what will be charged to your card.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>You will also be made aware of the fees our platform charges for the transaction.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="6-congratulations">6. Congratulations! </h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Your job is now complete! Your father will have to accept the gift via email and then be prompted to create an account on our platform.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Once the payment is processed, we will purchase the specified gift asset at market prices. You will have officially helped your dad buy the dip! </p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><hr><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Here at Asset Gift, we believe gifting crypto is a powerful way to introduce someone to investing in crypto. This process is too painful, and we aim to make it as simple as possible.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Sending a one-time gift isn't our only feature! We also have gift collection campaigns -maybe for another special occasion your guests/patrons to invest in your future. </p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Please check out our <a href="https://asset.gift/blog">articles page</a> if you want to learn more about our company.</p><p></p>
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