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At Asset Gift we built a way to easily send a crypto gift with your credit / debit card, here is how!

<!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>So you have decided that you want to send someone a crypto gift. Now what? Well, you could ask the recipient for their crypto address, open your wallet and send assets you were hoping to hold. Here at Asset Gift, we believe this process removes the magic of gifting crypto. So we built a way to send a crypto gift easily with your credit/debit card; here is how!</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="1-navigate-to-our-send-a-gift-page">1. Navigate to our Send a Gift Page</h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>At Asset Gift, we have built a short gifting flow that does not require you to create an account or perform identity checks.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html-->Check it out here: <a href="" target="_blank">Send a Crypto Gift.</a><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="2-enter-your-gift-details">2. Enter your Gift Details</h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>On this page, you select the coin, choose the gift amount, personalize your gift note and enter your recipient's email address.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Of course, be sure to double-check the information you enter here. In particular, the recipient email because we will send a secure link for them to accept their gift. Once you are satisfied, proceed to the next page.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="3-enter-your-card-information-and-email">3. Enter your card information and email</h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Asset Gift uses your credit/debit as a way to make crypto gifting more accessible to anyone, even if you don't own any crypto!</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>We process cards in a fully PCI-DSS-compliant way. Asset Gift does not store any of your payment data; we transmit all payment information via two AES 128-bit symmetric encryption levels.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>So rest assured that your data is safe.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="4-verify-your-email-address">4. Verify Your Email Address</h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>We then send a code to confirm your email address. We do this to ensure that we have an email to contact if any relevant information we need to communicate.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Please be aware that this email is sent to the email your enter on the payment page, which should be your email address (not the receiver's).</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="5-review-and-submit-your-gift">5. Review and Submit your Gift!</h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>You are at the final step! </p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a><!--kg-card-end: html--><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Now you need to double-check that your recipient's email is correct and that you are ok with the amount we will charge to your card.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br><!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Asset Gift supports sending gifts from multiple currencies but will always charge a US dollar amount to your card. Don't worry; we are not doing any currency conversions. What you see here is what will be charged to your card.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>You will also be made aware of the fees our platform charges for the transaction.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><h3 id="6-congratulations">6. Congratulations! </h3><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Your job is now complete! Your recipient will have to accept the gift via email and then be prompted to create an account on our platform.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>If we find that no one has accepted the gift after a significant period of time, we will email you to ensure that you entered everything correctly. Also, there is no issue if the email you entered had a typo. You will also be able to share the gift via a secure link.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><hr><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Here at Asset Gift, we believe gifting crypto is a powerful way to introduce someone to investing in crypto. This process is too painful, and we aim to make it as simple as possible.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Sending a one-time gift isn't our only feature! We also have gift collection campaigns - you can turn your next event into an opportunity for your guests/patrons to invest in your future.</p><!--kg-card-begin: html--><br> <!--kg-card-end: html--><p>Please check out our <a href="">articles page</a> if you want to learn more about our company.</p>
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