Partnership with the Celsius Recovery DAO

Asset Gift has partnered with the Celsius Recovery DAO to provide a zero-fee Ethereum crowdfunding campaign that allows anyone with a credit card to give ETH to the DAO.

Explaining Gift Taxes

At Asset Gift, we have built a platform that makes collecting and sending crypto gifts easy. What taxes, if any, are owed on these gifts?

Don't make this simple mistake with your Crypto

If you send you funds to an invalid address they might be lost forever!

Father's Day: Buy the dip for Dad?

Finding the perfect gift for dad on father's day can be incredibly challenging. With Asset Gift, you can show him that you went to great lengths to find a unique gift idea!

Introducing our Crypto Product during a red market.

We don't have short term ambitions and hope that our message/product will resonate regardless of prices.

We are Asset Gift

"Why can't my guests invest in my future?" This thought sparked a year long journey to build this platform that we are happy to now make available publicly.

Send a Crypto Gift in 3 minutes

At Asset Gift we built a way to easily send a crypto gift with your credit / debit card, here is how!

What is Crypto Gifting?

Crypto gifting allows for the receiver to have a significantly more discipline because they did not spend their own money to purchase the investment.

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